Care and Maintenance for your Lilly Pulitzer tumbler

Posted by Pat Hirsch on

Now that you've purchased your favorite Lilly Pulitzer tumbler from, I'm sure it's become a necessary accessory to your daily life—annnnd maybe you're starting to think it's finally time your tumbler had a good scrub. Wondering how to wash your favorite new accessory?
Here are a few simple tips to help keep your tumbler in mint condition:
1) Hand washing is key!
Cleaning your product by hand is the most gentle method—and most highly recommended. Hand washing your tumbler maintains the longevity of the plastic and ensures that it isn't exposed to the extreme heat in the dishwasher. You should fill the cup with warm water and soap and let it soak for a while, and then scrub it, inside and out with a sponge.
2) Washing the straw—you know you want to...!
Now here's the tricky part: washing the straw. To clean the straw, add some dish soap to the pipe cleaner, I like to dip the pipe cleaner in a bottle of soap, but you can pour soap on it. Now just push the pipe cleaner through the straw and rinse it with water.
TA-DA!! A nice clean tumbler. Make sure you wash your tumbler regularly for health reasons. 

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