Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Bags - Coolers, Totes, and Beverage Buckets

Posted by Pat Hirsch on

Trying to keep your cool? These Lilly Pulitzer bags might just do the trick! Insulated coolers, totes, and beverage buckets are soon to become your favorite on-the-go accessory!

Perfect to keep in the car at all times! Tailgating? Use the bag. Picnicking? Use the bag. Trying to keep the ice cream you just bought at the grocery store from melting all over your back seat? Use the bag! Also very handy for parents—highly useful for keeping baby formula cold while on-the-go, snacks, on-the-go lunches. Easy to clean with Clorox wipes, or a sponge and some soap. 

Unfortunately, these wonderful insulated L.P. bags are being discontinued and will only be available in select stores while supplies last!

Go to to get your own! 





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