Ohhhhhhh Momma! Write a Miraculous Mother's Day Card!

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Written by Samantha Schaefer 

She deserves it. And you know it.

Sometimes a handwritten card or letter can mean far more than you realize—especially with moms. Mother's Day should celebrate all of those women in our lives who've gone out of their way to nurture, mentor, and open doors for us! Personally, I've been lucky to have had many different 'mothers' in my life. Role-models, thesis advisors, bosses—you get the idea. 


Drop a line! Sometimes a handwritten card or letter can mean far more than you realize—especially to those who have given us so much. Having trouble finding the right words? It useful to begin by asking yourself what you would find meaningful in a handwritten letter! Here are a few unique writing prompts/ideas for writing your mom/grandmother/mentor the 'mother' of all Mother's Day cards: 

  • What's your favorite memory of your mother/mentor/role model? Describe it in detail and then explore why it's your favorite memory and how it helped you grow.
  • Try writing about the ways in which you see yourself in your mother/mentor—positive things. Then, if writing to the person who raised you, describe the ways in which you see your mother in your grandmother! Grandmothers are super important!!! 
  •  Write a gratitude list! Doesn't have to be too fancy or complicated—just try to be specific about the things your grateful for!

Cards! Cards! Cards galore! Visit us in person at our shop in Downtown Kalamazoo! We'd love to assist you in your quest to honor the awesome mother figure in your life—also available online! :) 

P.S. Check out this awesome Mother's Day playlist from SoulPancake on YouTube! 

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