Rifle Paper Co. 2018 Agendas!

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"When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world." 

                 - George Washington Carver 

2018 Rifle Paper Co. Agendas! 

2018 Rifle Paper Co. Agendas certainly turn the everyday task of managing your life into a walk in the park—or rather, garden! Rifle has, once again, managed to render perfectly vibrant floral palettes, complete with touches of metallic gold in all the right places.

Samantha Schaefer
A freelance writer & editor based out of Kalamazoo, MI. 


1  Are you a 'lists person'? These agendas are great for stuffing notepads, small notebooks, etc. Elastic   band sandwiches everything together and keeps notepads from getting grungy at the bottom of your tote! 

2  Pretty darn sturdy. Generally, my agendas look like they've survived a hurricane—or several—once the year is over. In fact, agendas-of-days-gone-by rarely made it through the year without the help of duct tape. Totally different story with these Rifle agendas! Super durable. 

3  Great inspirational quotes throughout weekly/daily section! Always good to have a little brain candy when you're trying to make sense out of your schedule!  


1 If you're a small purse/bag person, this agenda might be slightly on the large side for your tastes. Not so much in girth as in width. 

2 Into writing every single detail of your day down? While the new agendas offer a wide variety of different ways to view/plan your schedule, the actual lines in the daily/weekly section are smaller than I personally find necessary. Always feel like I don't have enough room to write! 

On that note, we at Petals and Postings wish everyone a happy Monday! 

Here's a little treat to brighten your day: 

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