Kate Spade Wink Wink Sunglass Strap in Pink + Red

Kate Spade

  • $15.00

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Every sophisticated girl knows that the only thing worse than losing her sunglasses is being forced to wear humdrum sunglasses straps in order to keep them close. And as hilarious as it is to watch your husband/boyfriend/potential suitor do a panicked dive into the ocean to snag your dropped (and expensive) shades, the considerate lady knows to use sunglasses straps while boating.  

Kate Spade saves the day (and your boyfriend's soggy wallet) with these stylish sunglasses straps. So keep your BF (and his cash) dry, and pick some up before they're gone!
  • two sided "Pink" design
  • silicone
  • 0.75"  x 17⅝"
  • Kate Spade

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