Solar System Scratch and Sketch Art Activity Book

Peter Pauper Press

  • $12.99

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 Explore the amazing world of outer space, scratching your way through the solar system! Grab your space suit, hop in the space shuttle, and come explore the mysteries of our solar system. Here, in  outer space, you'll discover the planets and their many moons, as well as asteroids, meteors, and comets soaring by. Just scratch away the black coating, and discover the swirl patterns, glow-in-the-dark pages, and holographic colors that appear in your artwork like magic. 

  • 5 black-coated glow-in-the-dark pages
  • 5 black-coated gold, silver, and colored glitter pages
  • 10 black-coated swirl pattern pages
  • 20 drawings with informative text
  • 20 extra pages for doodling
  • Wooden stylus for drawing



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